World Without Cancer

In the early 1990’s I came across a second hand paperback book with the title “World Without Cancer”, and it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. Little did I know that 2 decades later I would come across this story again on the internet, in the form of a movie on Youtube. The world has changed, and with it the way we digest information. You can watch the movie below:

What’s amazing about this information is that, believe it or not, if true, it has life-changing, in fact life-saving impact on people whose lives are threatened by that devastating disease we call cancer. But unfortunately, what makes this story of a natural cancer cure so astounding is also the very thing that will cause many people to dismiss it out of hand as just another example of quackery, or an urban myth or some such thing. It’s pretty obvious really: if this miraculous cure really worked, why aren’t doctors all over the world prescribing it to every cancer patient who walks through their door? The book I read all those years ago was quite a thick volume, and the reason for that is that it was not just about a simple vitamin called B17, in fact most of the book is devoted to why the medical profession and the world in general does not want this cure to be used by anyone. In short it is about the politics of cancer – how the truth about Vitamin B17 and other natural cures, is suppressed in favour of prescribing other, far less effective but more profitable treatments for cancer. This is why we do not have a world without cancer.

Here’s the good news though: you are reading this article now, and no-one can take this moment away from you. You have just experienced a moment of truth, and if you or someone near to you is suffering from the dread disease of cancer, you have the power within your grasp to do something about it. Regardless of the power wielded by the media, the medical profession, or your own doctor, with the simple information that a few simple seeds can lay waste to cancer cells, lives can be saved and changed for the better. You will find testimonials in the comments section of the Youtube video above, and in other places all over the internet that testify to the efficacy of the Vitamin B17 cure. Here’s a testimonial from Australia about a man who was given 12-18 months to live because of liver cancer but after taking Vitamin B17 lived for 7 years. In the end he stopped taking Vitamin B17 and died within 18 months. Here’s another testimonial from the Gold Coast, Australia. You can go to the World Without Cancer website for more information if you need that.
If you have your doubts about any of the above for any reason, consider this: the Creator of the universe knows more about human biology than any of us will ever know, and He loves every human being so much that He provided a way for us to be healthy by building health-giving qualities into the stuff that we eat. The only problem is that we are eating too much of our own processed, de-vitaminized stuff, and not enough of the abundance of God’s creation supplied for our benefit in the vast ecosphere we called planet Earth. So go ahead, if you have doubts, do some research and I am sure you will find your answers. But if someone out there needs help, do what you have to, to get it to them. By all means, pray for the cancer sufferer if you believe in God, as He does heal supernaturally as well as through the superb healing systems He built into the human body , but just as a car’s engine needs fuel and oil to function, these systems in the body need the right raw materials to be put into them. So we need to consider the possibility that we may be the answer to our own prayers by giving someone an answer that can’t be given by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Play your part in making our world a World Without Cancer. Pass this information on – Go to the World Without Cancer Facebook page and like it then share the fact that you have visited the page on your wall.
By the way, anyone that wants to try Vitamin B17 can choose from a list of foods that contain Vitamin B17. You can also purchase Vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin or laetrile, online as a supplement in tablet form at websites like Metabolic Products Supply. Because this is a restricted drug in many countries, a good, more readily available source of Vitamin B17 is apricot seeds.

“The cure for cancer doesn’t need to be discovered or invented, it simply needs to be acknowledged.”
Merry Christmas everybody, and good health to you all. May God the Divine Healer bless you at Christmas 2011, for the rest of your life, and into eternity.

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