The Less-Is-More Diet

I had a sudden realization today about how I have managed to lose about 8kg in weight over the last 6 months. It’s not that I don’t enjoy food any more, or that I like doing exercise. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. I am basically lazy and don’t enjoy any form of enforced exercise such as working out at the gym. You see, dieting is basically a zero-sum game – it’s calories in vs calories out. Now because I am lazy, I find it too much hard work to be constantly figuring out how much I have eaten and how much exercise I have to do to work it off. I’d rather just eat less – and strangely enough when you eat less you get hungry. Now an interesting thing happens when you get hungry – you actually enjoy your food more when you do eat.
So there you have it – the secret of my dieting success (apart from those wonderful meal replacement shakes which seem to be everywhere these days and are so easy to make – again appealing to my lazy nature). Just be lazy and you’ll lose weight…
OK, so I have oversimplified it – and there is something else that I omitted to mention – the key ingredients in the meal replacement shakes which I have for breakfast every day, are vitamins and minerals, also protein, the basic building blocks that the body needs to repair itself. I also take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement capsule, also zinc, magnesium, fish oil capsules, cayenne pepper capsules and folic acid. I also eat fresh fruit and yoghurt every day. But again, popping these tablets and capsules to me is easier than working out at the gym, and also only takes a few minutes a day. Below is a series of 3 videos featuring an interview with a pharmacist by the name of Ben Fuchs explaining why good nutrition is critical to losing weight.



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