I came home this afternoon from an early Mothers Day celebration where much food was consumed by all present at a local all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and as I was feeling much in need of a sleep, did so.
When I awoke, I felt prompted to put some of my thoughts into words. I haven’t written a poem for quite a while now, and felt that one was long overdue (my previous poems can be found here )
So here is the poem, entitled “Pearl”
Pearl of great price, and Treasure of worth,
I’ve known You were there since the day of my birth.
These ones who deny you, just what do they see,
In pearls of small value, treasures of earth?
When viewed from Eternity, life is so short,
Each birthday one closer to death, we are taught.
Yet seize on that Pearl, and know you won’t die,
Take hold of that Treasure, Who never will lie.
Start seeing Eternity now while you can,
And know that when death comes you’ll rise like the Man
Who died as we all do, and rose as we may,
Who stepped out before us to show us the way
To walk in His footsteps by faith in this Pearl,
Who paid the great price for each boy and each girl
Who ever was born then learns to believe,
And thus by rebirth, true life can receive.

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