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“Machine Gun Preacher” is a great movie that was released in US cinemas for a week on December 9 2011. It is based on the true story of a man by the name of Sam Childers, a biker and drug dealer/addict who found God and subsequently went to Sudan on a missionary trip and ended up saving the lives of hundreds of African child soldiers. Hence the title “Machine Gun Preacher” – there are some good war action scenes in the movie, as Sam, played by Gerard Butler, fights off the bad guys trying to destroy the orphanage he built for the children whose parents were murdered in the long-running tragedy happening in the northern part of Africa. You can watch the trailer below:

Machine Gun Preacher won’t be coming to the cinemas in Australia, where I live unfortunately, but for those who live on the Gold Coast, there are going to be 3 screenings of Machine Gun Preacher at my church which is Metro Church in Southport on Saturday April 21 at 6.15PM, and on Sunday April 22 10.15M and 4PM. The address is 116 Ridgeway Avenue Southport but you’ll need to get your free ticket by logging onto – there wasn’t a link there when I last looked (February 26) but I’m sure it will be up soon. Update March 2012: the link is now there, and anyone wishing to see the movie needs to know that due to limited space, although it is a free screening, a $4 deposit is payable, this will be refunded when you turn up for the movie.
Sam Childers himself will also be speaking at Metro, he’ll be interviewed by pastor Gary MacDonald on May 12 at 6.15PM and May 13 at 8.15 and 10.15AM.
There’s even a song that was written by Aaron Hendra, about Sam Childers, which features in the movie. You can watch video clip of Aaron performing the song “One Man’s War” live below:
“Even if I pay the price of one man’s war, at least I know what I’m fighting for”

This is an interview with Sam Childers where he goes into detail about his amazing life and how it all came about…

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