While on holiday recently, as we relaxed in the spa, we chatted with a retired couple who were doing the ‘grey nomad” thing, touring Australia in a Toyota Coaster camper bus. When Leanne mentioned that we have a dream to do the same thing one day, John, a retired automotive engineer, started giving us tips about how to go about it, and regaled us with tales of life on the road for more than an hour.
One of the things he shared, mainly for the benefit of another motorhome enthusiast listening in who had converted an old Volvo city bus into a camper, was the benefit of a product called Pro-Ma, an oil additive he had used for years in his vehicles, which he said makes a huge difference in the fuel economy and longevity of a vehicle’s engine by reducing friction between the moving parts inside the engine.
I was intrigued, so when I got home, I looked Pro-Ma up online, and sure enough, a lot of people are talking about it. I decided that I wanted to test Pro-Ma’s MBL-8 oil additive in our own vehicles to see if the claims are true or not. Fortuitously enough, I found that I could even get a 20% discount on the product by signing up as a distributor through the Pro-Ma website, as Pro-Ma are running a “Joining Spree” at this time, and have waived the usual distributor joining fee of $65 for the months of June and July 2014. If anyone reading this wants to get the same discount, I’d recommend joining before July 31 2014. You may not end up buying anything, but at least you have locked in the 20% discount in case you decide to get something later.
Long story short, I will be posting the results of my little “product test” on this page in the future, after I have purchased the oil additive, which I will do before the next oil change on my car, which is due next month. So watch this space. I’m confident I will see some kind of result, based on the testimonials I have read, many of which report 50 or 100kms more per tankful of fuel. Also, an interesting fact I came across while researching Pro-Ma Peformance, is that Bell Performance, the company founded by American scientist Dr R J Bell who created the formula used in Pro-Ma Performance products, and has the exclusive rights to distribute their own range of similar products in the US, actually supplies the US government. So I’m thinking that there must be something to it. Here’s a short video demonstrating how the MBL8 product works:

Disclaimer: any sales of products made from links on this page can potentially lead to financial compensation for the writer. Please note however that anyone who signs up as a Pro-Ma Discount Member (the lowest Independent Distributor level in the Pro-Ma system) from this page does not have to sell any products themselves to achieve the 20% discount.
From the research I have done, an MBL (Metal Based Lubricant) is the most effective of the oil treatments out there. Basically, how it works, is that the active ingredients are microscopic particles of copper and lead, which bond with the metal surfaces in your car’s engine, filling in and repairing any scratches and abrasions that are there, and causing them to slide more smoothly against each other. Harking back to the Bell Performance link, there was a test made comparing Bell’s own MBL-type product, Xtra-Lube, with others available on the US market, which validates that the MBL formulation for oil additives is superior.
Anyone that isn’t interested in becoming a distributor, can purchase the Pro-Ma Performance Products at the recommended retail price from this link (for Australia) or this link (New Zealand).
Anyone who lives on the Gold Coast should contact me directly, as I can offer a discount for personally fulfilled orders.
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Update June 2015: Sorry, I have been very busy and haven’t updated my blog before now, but I can confirm that after nearly 12 months of using the Pro-Ma products in my 2003 Citroen C5, the engine is still running smoothly and is averaging 6.49l/100km as calculated by the FillUp app on my mobile phone which I use to keep track of my fuel usage. I’m happy with this result as the cost of the products are covered, and I can be assured that I will get a good long life out of my car’s engine, saving me from the cost of an engine rebuild or having to trade my car in at a loss. The car has done over 35,000kms since I bought it 2 years ago, and has over 232,000kms on the clock.
Just as an aside, a friend of mine bought a bottle of Pro-Ma MBL8 from me and put it in the boot of his car. He recently pulled it out and put some in the car’s engine, and is raving about the extra power and fuel economy he is getting by using both the MBL8 and the PT5 in his 2013 Ford Focus ST. That’s saying something for a car which is already a high performance car. He calls Pro-Ma MBL8 “God oil”. (He’s a true believer like me, in more ways than one!)
Update 28/08/14: After filling the tank with diesel today I have calculated that the average fuel consumption has dropped from 6.89 l/100km to 6.21 l/100km. This is a reduction of about 9.9% thanks to the addition of Pro-Ma DT5 Plus to the diesel in my Citroen C5.
Update 24/07/14: I have now been using the MBL8 oil additive in my car for about a week, and have also added it to the hydraulic suspension system in my Citroen C5. The engine now runs more smoothly, and has a little more power, and I’ve noticed that the suspension doesn’t seem to have to be pumped up as much (I used to hear the electric pump whirring pretty much every time I got in the car) so I suspect the MBL8 has sealed some internal leaks, allowing the suspension to stay at the correct level for driving. I will post the results of any fuel consumption improvement when I next fill up the tank which should be in about 2 weeks or so.
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