As I was leaving church today, I was musing on 2 separate questions which were teasing my mind, searching for answers. The first was the subject of the sermon, the well-worked dilemma between faith and works, which most Christians have mulled over at some point in their lives. The other was the subject of an earlier post on this site titled “World without Cancer“, in which it is claimed that cancer can be prevented or even cured by simply eating apricot seeds and other foods containing laetrile aka Vitamin B17.
Then it struck me like a lightning bolt: these two questions are linked in quite an interesting way. Here’s the thing: as covered in Garry Mac’s sermon this morning, the apostle Paul taught that “by grace are you saved, by faith, and not by works, lest any man should boast”, whereas James, another New Testament writer seems to argue this point by pushing the argument that faith without works is dead. How does this relate to a potential cure for cancer? Well, pretty obviously, the apricot seed cancer cure is controversial and disputed by the medical establishment, so for most people it is difficult to believe that the one incurable disease of modern times could be cured by something so simple and inexpensive.
But what if it were true, in spite of what the experts say? Very simply, if it were true, the only cancer patients who would benefit from the knowledge of that fact would be those who had faith in the cure – or so it would seem. But if, in spite of that faith, a cancer sufferer decided he was ready to die after so much suffering, and didn’t actually follow through and eat the apricot seeds he would die. Likewise, if that person just flat out refused to believe in the cure, he would also die, because he would refuse to eat the apricot seeds for a different reason.
But what if that skeptical terminal cancer patient was so angry with the perceived false hope he was being offered, that he thought to himself “I’ll show these quacks, I’ll prove this apricot seed thing is just a big scam by eating 20 apricot seeds a day, like they are saying, because I know it won’t work”. That person’s skepticism would then rapidly turn to faith as the cancer disappeared from his body.
So when applied to the cancer cure scenario, the faith vs works dilemma works itself out in an interesting way. Both Paul and James are right. Just knowing that there is a potential cancer cure is not enough; faith is an essential ingredient in applying the cure. But actually applying the cure is works. That’s the easy part, it’s no harder than swallowing a Panadol when you have a headache. But because so much more is at stake when a person has a life-threatening medical condition like cancer, there’s a lot more riding on the cure than when you are just swallowing a Panadol to cure a headache.
When it’s a matter of life and death, you would think that a person would try anything to give themselves a few more years of life and health on this earth. By the way, I have eaten apricot seeds, they are quite similar to almonds in their taste, and I didn’t get sick from them. I can’t say that I have prevented cancer in my own body, and as far as I know I have never had cancer so I can’t say I was cured either. However I have read testimonies of those who have so I am inclined to believe that it might be true. I can tell you one thing for certain though: if a doctor ever told me I had cancer, based on my experience that the apricot seeds have never done me any harm before, I would eat a fair few of them before I let the medical establishment loose the ravages of chemotherapy or radiotherapy on my body. If the apricot seeds didn’t have any effect I would have lost nothing: cancer would probably kill me anyway, and I could then choose to either take the slim chance that radiation or chemicals would cure me, or just die from the cancer.
But what about the deeper question here? What about the spiritual cancer of sin that threatens the life and eternal destiny of every human being? What if Jesus Christ were the cure to this cancer, as the writers of the New Testament taught? Naturally, as a Christian who has believed in Jesus Christ for most of my life, I actually believe that Jesus is the answer to any dilemma I could ever come across in my life, including the dilemma of death itself. As Paul wrote, “To me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” So even if in spite of believing in Christ, my physical body dies (as it most certainly will, unless the rapture takes me to Heaven before that time), I will gain eternal life in Heaven.
But what about the non-Christian who says “That’s just religion, God does not exist, there is no Heaven or Hell, and nobody can prove otherwise”? Well, actually, an atheist could prove to himself for sure whether or not God exists by actually taking the same step of faith as the terminal cancer patient eating the apricot seeds. But here’s the thing: you actually have to believe you have a life threatening condition before you actually start looking for a cure. The irony of this is that the one argument used by atheists to prove that God does not exist, is actually a tacit admission of the terminal sin problem we all share as human beings. The argument is this: if God exists, why would He allow so much evil and suffering in the world? The only thing missing in the atheist’s question, is the obvious question following on from that: “what actually causes evil and suffering in the world, and if God exists, how would He do something about it?”. Clearly, evil and suffering exist; no one can deny that. But what if God has a plan which enables human beings to overcome evil and suffering, and it is a lot simpler than the assertion that God could just stop it from happening in the first place?
For starters, I don’t believe that God causes sin and its consequential pain, suffering and death. But He does allow it for one simple reason: He has given us both the prevention and the cure for the sin cancer. No, it’s not apricot seeds. The prevention and cure of sin is a spiritual treatment, for the simple reason that sin is a spiritual disease. Jesus stated: “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood, you can have no part in Me.” So what does this mean? Should a person who has sin in their life which is messing them up, just pop down to their local church and take Communion, eat some bread and drink some wine to symbolize the eating of Christ’s body and the drinking of His blood? If you can do that in faith, yes. But the bread and wine in itself has no power to cure your sin, or prevent you from sinning. A person could believe in the saving work of Christ and never take Communion in their life, and they could have victory over sin in their life, and would go to Heaven when they die. At my church, we take Communion every time we meet together, that’s how crucial we consider the Body and Blood of Christ are to us as a prevention and cure for our sin.
So I’ve come full circle, back to the question of faith and works. As I understand it, faith alone saves (cures) us from the eternal consequences of sin (eternal death and separation from God). But on this side of the great divide, faith also can prevent sin from happening in the first place, if that faith is placed in Jesus Christ’s work on the cross, not on our works. Garry Mac put it this way this morning, “Works without faith is dead”. This is the difference between “Good Works” and “Dead Works”. As Jesus asked the religious leaders of His day (who both hated and envied him for His many powerful good works including healing the sick, feeding the hungry and raising the dead) “Why do you call me good? Do you not know that only God is good?”. By this Jesus was subtly restating His claim to be the Son of God, and also questioning the sincerity of those who knew they were not perfect as He was, yet denied His divinity. And the great thing is that Jesus told His disciples, “even greater works than I have done, shall you do”, leaving open the possibility of Christians experiencing the power of God in their lives in an amazing way.
This is the reason I live: not only do I get to experience Heaven when I die, but as a youth pastor stated in a sermon once when I was a teenager, “Eternal life starts now”. What a tantalizing possibility, yet so often as Christians we undervalue that possibility and settle for the status quo of business as usual. What better way to prepare for eternity that to be open to letting God do some “good works” which are really “God works” through the power of Jesus in your life. Swallow those apricot seeds, don’t just think about it! What can you possibly lose? Even if you are an atheist, what have you got to lose by giving Jesus a try? If nothing happens when you pray and ask God to prove that Jesus is the answer to your questions about the pain and meaninglessness of life, you can alway say “I told you so”. But think about it: just as the cancer patient has to swallow the apricot seeds and keep consistently doing so to get better, so do you have to make a decision to follow Jesus by taking His life into your body, mind, soul and spirit, on a consistent basis. Trust me, this will change your life, it did mine.

I had a sudden realization today about how I have managed to lose about 8kg in weight over the last 6 months. It’s not that I don’t enjoy food any more, or that I like doing exercise. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. I am basically lazy and don’t enjoy any form of enforced exercise such as working out at the gym. You see, dieting is basically a zero-sum game – it’s calories in vs calories out. Now because I am lazy, I find it too much hard work to be constantly figuring out how much I have eaten and how much exercise I have to do to work it off. I’d rather just eat less – and strangely enough when you eat less you get hungry. Now an interesting thing happens when you get hungry – you actually enjoy your food more when you do eat.
So there you have it – the secret of my dieting success (apart from those wonderful meal replacement shakes which seem to be everywhere these days and are so easy to make – again appealing to my lazy nature). Just be lazy and you’ll lose weight…
OK, so I have oversimplified it – and there is something else that I omitted to mention – the key ingredients in the meal replacement shakes which I have for breakfast every day, are vitamins and minerals, also protein, the basic building blocks that the body needs to repair itself. I also take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement capsule, also zinc, magnesium, fish oil capsules, cayenne pepper capsules and folic acid. I also eat fresh fruit and yoghurt every day. But again, popping these tablets and capsules to me is easier than working out at the gym, and also only takes a few minutes a day. Below is a series of 3 videos featuring an interview with a pharmacist by the name of Ben Fuchs explaining why good nutrition is critical to losing weight.



In the early 1990’s I came across a second hand paperback book with the title “World Without Cancer”, and it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. Little did I know that 2 decades later I would come across this story again on the internet, in the form of a movie on Youtube. The world has changed, and with it the way we digest information. You can watch the movie below:

What’s amazing about this information is that, believe it or not, if true, it has life-changing, in fact life-saving impact on people whose lives are threatened by that devastating disease we call cancer. But unfortunately, what makes this story of a natural cancer cure so astounding is also the very thing that will cause many people to dismiss it out of hand as just another example of quackery, or an urban myth or some such thing. It’s pretty obvious really: if this miraculous cure really worked, why aren’t doctors all over the world prescribing it to every cancer patient who walks through their door? The book I read all those years ago was quite a thick volume, and the reason for that is that it was not just about a simple vitamin called B17, in fact most of the book is devoted to why the medical profession and the world in general does not want this cure to be used by anyone. In short it is about the politics of cancer – how the truth about Vitamin B17 and other natural cures, is suppressed in favour of prescribing other, far less effective but more profitable treatments for cancer. This is why we do not have a world without cancer.

Here’s the good news though: you are reading this article now, and no-one can take this moment away from you. You have just experienced a moment of truth, and if you or someone near to you is suffering from the dread disease of cancer, you have the power within your grasp to do something about it. Regardless of the power wielded by the media, the medical profession, or your own doctor, with the simple information that a few simple seeds can lay waste to cancer cells, lives can be saved and changed for the better. You will find testimonials in the comments section of the Youtube video above, and in other places all over the internet that testify to the efficacy of the Vitamin B17 cure. Here’s a testimonial from Australia about a man who was given 12-18 months to live because of liver cancer but after taking Vitamin B17 lived for 7 years. In the end he stopped taking Vitamin B17 and died within 18 months. Here’s another testimonial from the Gold Coast, Australia. You can go to the World Without Cancer website for more information if you need that.
If you have your doubts about any of the above for any reason, consider this: the Creator of the universe knows more about human biology than any of us will ever know, and He loves every human being so much that He provided a way for us to be healthy by building health-giving qualities into the stuff that we eat. The only problem is that we are eating too much of our own processed, de-vitaminized stuff, and not enough of the abundance of God’s creation supplied for our benefit in the vast ecosphere we called planet Earth. So go ahead, if you have doubts, do some research and I am sure you will find your answers. But if someone out there needs help, do what you have to, to get it to them. By all means, pray for the cancer sufferer if you believe in God, as He does heal supernaturally as well as through the superb healing systems He built into the human body , but just as a car’s engine needs fuel and oil to function, these systems in the body need the right raw materials to be put into them. So we need to consider the possibility that we may be the answer to our own prayers by giving someone an answer that can’t be given by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Play your part in making our world a World Without Cancer. Pass this information on – Go to the World Without Cancer Facebook page and like it then share the fact that you have visited the page on your wall.
By the way, anyone that wants to try Vitamin B17 can choose from a list of foods that contain Vitamin B17. You can also purchase Vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin or laetrile, online as a supplement in tablet form at websites like Metabolic Products Supply. Because this is a restricted drug in many countries, a good, more readily available source of Vitamin B17 is apricot seeds.

“The cure for cancer doesn’t need to be discovered or invented, it simply needs to be acknowledged.”
Merry Christmas everybody, and good health to you all. May God the Divine Healer bless you at Christmas 2011, for the rest of your life, and into eternity.