“Machine Gun Preacher” is a great movie that was released in US cinemas for a week on December 9 2011. It is based on the true story of a man by the name of Sam Childers, a biker and drug dealer/addict who found God and subsequently went to Sudan on a missionary trip and ended up saving the lives of hundreds of African child soldiers. Hence the title “Machine Gun Preacher” – there are some good war action scenes in the movie, as Sam, played by Gerard Butler, fights off the bad guys trying to destroy the orphanage he built for the children whose parents were murdered in the long-running tragedy happening in the northern part of Africa. You can watch the trailer below:

Machine Gun Preacher won’t be coming to the cinemas in Australia, where I live unfortunately, but for those who live on the Gold Coast, there are going to be 3 screenings of Machine Gun Preacher at my church which is Metro Church in Southport on Saturday April 21 at 6.15PM, and on Sunday April 22 10.15M and 4PM. The address is 116 Ridgeway Avenue Southport but you’ll need to get your free ticket by logging onto www.metro.org.au – there wasn’t a link there when I last looked (February 26) but I’m sure it will be up soon. Update March 2012: the link is now there, and anyone wishing to see the movie needs to know that due to limited space, although it is a free screening, a $4 deposit is payable, this will be refunded when you turn up for the movie.
Sam Childers himself will also be speaking at Metro, he’ll be interviewed by pastor Gary MacDonald on May 12 at 6.15PM and May 13 at 8.15 and 10.15AM.
There’s even a song that was written by Aaron Hendra, about Sam Childers, which features in the movie. You can watch video clip of Aaron performing the song “One Man’s War” live below:
“Even if I pay the price of one man’s war, at least I know what I’m fighting for”

This is an interview with Sam Childers where he goes into detail about his amazing life and how it all came about…

In the early 1990’s I came across a second hand paperback book with the title “World Without Cancer”, and it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. Little did I know that 2 decades later I would come across this story again on the internet, in the form of a movie on Youtube. The world has changed, and with it the way we digest information. You can watch the movie below:

What’s amazing about this information is that, believe it or not, if true, it has life-changing, in fact life-saving impact on people whose lives are threatened by that devastating disease we call cancer. But unfortunately, what makes this story of a natural cancer cure so astounding is also the very thing that will cause many people to dismiss it out of hand as just another example of quackery, or an urban myth or some such thing. It’s pretty obvious really: if this miraculous cure really worked, why aren’t doctors all over the world prescribing it to every cancer patient who walks through their door? The book I read all those years ago was quite a thick volume, and the reason for that is that it was not just about a simple vitamin called B17, in fact most of the book is devoted to why the medical profession and the world in general does not want this cure to be used by anyone. In short it is about the politics of cancer – how the truth about Vitamin B17 and other natural cures, is suppressed in favour of prescribing other, far less effective but more profitable treatments for cancer. This is why we do not have a world without cancer.

Here’s the good news though: you are reading this article now, and no-one can take this moment away from you. You have just experienced a moment of truth, and if you or someone near to you is suffering from the dread disease of cancer, you have the power within your grasp to do something about it. Regardless of the power wielded by the media, the medical profession, or your own doctor, with the simple information that a few simple seeds can lay waste to cancer cells, lives can be saved and changed for the better. You will find testimonials in the comments section of the Youtube video above, and in other places all over the internet that testify to the efficacy of the Vitamin B17 cure. Here’s a testimonial from Australia about a man who was given 12-18 months to live because of liver cancer but after taking Vitamin B17 lived for 7 years. In the end he stopped taking Vitamin B17 and died within 18 months. Here’s another testimonial from the Gold Coast, Australia. You can go to the World Without Cancer website for more information if you need that.
If you have your doubts about any of the above for any reason, consider this: the Creator of the universe knows more about human biology than any of us will ever know, and He loves every human being so much that He provided a way for us to be healthy by building health-giving qualities into the stuff that we eat. The only problem is that we are eating too much of our own processed, de-vitaminized stuff, and not enough of the abundance of God’s creation supplied for our benefit in the vast ecosphere we called planet Earth. So go ahead, if you have doubts, do some research and I am sure you will find your answers. But if someone out there needs help, do what you have to, to get it to them. By all means, pray for the cancer sufferer if you believe in God, as He does heal supernaturally as well as through the superb healing systems He built into the human body , but just as a car’s engine needs fuel and oil to function, these systems in the body need the right raw materials to be put into them. So we need to consider the possibility that we may be the answer to our own prayers by giving someone an answer that can’t be given by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Play your part in making our world a World Without Cancer. Pass this information on – Go to the World Without Cancer Facebook page and like it then share the fact that you have visited the page on your wall.
By the way, anyone that wants to try Vitamin B17 can choose from a list of foods that contain Vitamin B17. You can also purchase Vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin or laetrile, online as a supplement in tablet form at websites like Metabolic Products Supply. Because this is a restricted drug in many countries, a good, more readily available source of Vitamin B17 is apricot seeds.

“The cure for cancer doesn’t need to be discovered or invented, it simply needs to be acknowledged.”
Merry Christmas everybody, and good health to you all. May God the Divine Healer bless you at Christmas 2011, for the rest of your life, and into eternity.

One thing I find interesting in life is the connections between different topics, and particularly between people who may live in different parts of the world and at different times. In this post I am going to explore some connections I have come across in regards to something which has been dear to my heart for a long time.
I’ll start at the beginning to give some background to where I am coming from. I was born in New Zealand in 1966, but when I was 3 years old my father took a job in a South Pacific island country which was then called the New Hebrides, but is now known as Vanuatu. So my family (Mum, Dad and my older sister and younger brother) moved from the city of Auckland to the island of Espiritu Santo, where we lived in a little town of a few thousand people called Luganville which was the main (and only) town on the island, the rest of the island was basically jungle, beaches and smaller villages.
To cut a long story short, and to get to the point of this article, the way we got there was by flying on successively smaller aircraft, first by an Air New Zealand DC8 jet aircraft to Nadi in Fiji, then on a Fiji Airways Hawker-Siddeley 748 turboprop from Nadi to the airport in Santo, basically a sealed runway with a small building next to it, built by the Americans in World War 2. In later years this runway was abandoned and the Pekoa airstrip further away from town, with a grass runway, but a better approach, took over as the Santo airport. This meant that future trips to and from New Zealand required an extra stop in Port Vila, as only light aircraft could land on the grass strip, and so we would board a Britten-Norman Islander or Trislander (small twin or three-engined planes) which would get us to Vila where we could catch an international flight back home to visit the family in NZ. We were in Santo for 6 years and so we made a few of these flights in the period between 1969 and 1975 when we moved to Samoa for 2 years before returning to NZ for good. I believe that now Pekoa has been sealed so it is now possible to fly directly to Santo from various international destinations on Air Vanuatu.
To get on with the story, after this early exposure to flying, particularly in the little Islanders, I was hooked, and at an early age I was determined that one day I would learn to fly. Another big influence in my early years, and this is the first connection I am going to talk about in this article, was a book with the title “Jungle Pilot” I read at about 12 or 13 years of age, about a missionary pilot by the name of Nate Saint, who flew a light aircraft in the jungles of Ecuador in the 1950’s and was one of five men martyred by a tribe of native Indians known as the Aucas on January 8, 1956. A movie with the title “End Of The Spear” was made in 2006 about this tragic event. You can watch the trailer to this movie below.

The next connection I made in my quest to be a pilot, is that during my teens and early twenties I became involved with a prayer support group for Mission Aviation Fellowship, the organisation founded by Nate Saint, which at one time was said to have the largest fleet of aircraft in the world, operating light aircraft in support of both missionaries and the remote communities they were serving, in many countries around the world where access is difficult or impossible without the use of light aviation. At that age I was idealistic, and probably not very practical or goal-orientated, so while I had the aim in my mind, of becoming such a missionary pilot, I didn’t really count the cost so did not achieve that goal. I did, however, with the help of my Dad, who gave me $1200 on my 21st birthday for the purpose of flying, achieve the goal of flying solo in a Cessna 152. After that I was involved in university studies and didn’t have money to do much more than the occasional flight, so never achieved a pilot’s licence. Maybe one day if finances permit I will achieve that goal. Anyone who wants to help me with that, feel free to buy either the book “Jungle Pilot” or DVD of “End Of The Spear” from the Amazon store. Who knows, if I sell a million or two I might be able to pay for flying lessons and my own Cessna to fly in! Don’t know if Google will send me that much traffic but here’s hoping…
The third connection I made recently, is that I found on Youtube a video about Steve Saint, who is the son of Nate Saint, the missionary pilot mentioned above. Steve is the little boy you saw featured in the trailer of the movie, and when he grew up, he inherited his father’s passion for Christian mission, aviation and indigenous people in remote countries, and has invented a flying car which is ideal for flying into areas where there are no airstrips. Pretty cool, maybe I’ll get one of those instead of the Cessna! There are 2 videos below, the first shows Steve’s machine driving, and the second shows it in flight. Brilliant!

Finally, on a different note, a few years ago I read on the internet about a man by the name of Lindsey Williams, who started out as a Baptist pastor, then went to Alaska as a missionary pilot, then volunteered to be the chaplain for the workers on the Alaskan Oil Pipeline in the 1970’s. At this point, his life took a different turn, in fact he says that becoming a chaplain on the Pipeline changed his life and opened his eyes to something that continues to drive him to this day. You see, Lindsey Williams became acquainted with some people who he describes as “the elite of the world”. He lived with them for 3 years in Alaska, attended all their board meetings and made some lifelong friends who told him things that he otherwise would not have known. Rather than go into all that, I’ll simply post one of his many Youtube videos below and let him speak for himself…

I still remember where I was on September 11, 2001. At the time I was living in Brisbane Australia, and when I got home from work that day, I thought it was going to be just another evening at home watching TV with my flatmates.
Interestingly, in view of what I am about to say, it was another TV show I had watched weeks earlier which crossed my mind first. That show was the Lone Gunmen pilot, which featured a plot to fly a remote-controlled airliner into the World Trade Center. The full episode is featured below, but if you fast forward to the last 10 minutes of the episode you’ll see the gripping finale as the plane narrowly misses crashing into the WTC tower.

Anyway, on that fateful night while 3000 people were dying on the other side of the world, I was watching a TV show which for a brief moment seemed to me to be a sequel to a show of which I had been looking forward to watching further episodes. Of course it soon became clear that this was an event of historical importance, as over the next hour or so, not just one but two planes crashed into 2 towers, causing them to collapse in their entirety. Or so it seemed at the time…

Fast forward to 2011. This week I watched a video by a Russian ex Soviet nuclear intelligence officer who claims that not only did no planes hit the towers that day, but that their total collapse was caused by 3 nuclear demolition devices buried below the foundations of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 at the time of their construction. Apparently he came across the information about the existence of these devices years before while employed by the Soviet military, as it was his job to know about all things nuclear which might affect the Soviet Union in its cold war with the USA. You can see the video below: (there are 2 parts)

Now before you dismiss this as yet another crazy conspiracy theory, consider the following:
The official (and the generally accepted) theory behind why the towers collapsed is not credible for some really obvious reasons.
Firstly, an aluminium tube does not make a good sledgehammer. It’s strong enough for packaging purposes (e.g. as a cigar tube or a beer can, or for carrying passengers from A to B) but when it comes up against 200,000 tonnes of steel in a building which was specifically designed by the architects to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707, there is no contest. A similarly sized aircraft, the Boeing 767 could not slice into the interior of the WTC like a knife through butter, as we all saw on our TV screens.

So why do most people accept the explanation given by the media? My theory is that television, or visual media generally, have blurred our distinction between what is fact, and what is fiction. That’s what I hinted at in the first paragraph of this article. Simply put, because I had seen the “planes crashing into buildings as a terrorist plot” scenario before, in the Lone Gunmen fictional TV show, my mind was attuned to the possibility of it happening in real life. And it was the visual aspect of this scenario that impressed itself on my mind most. So why did my years of scientific education (I studied both physics and chemistry up to Stage 2 University level) not override my credulity and willingness to accept that 2 airliners had taken down not 2 but 3 buildings which were designed by engineers to prevent them from even intruding into the building, let alone demolish them as efficiently as if they had been prepped with explosives by demolition experts? Answer: because I SAW it happen. My eyes deceived me.
The intriguing thing about the nuclear demolition claim is that apparently when buildings such as the WTC twin towers in New York and the Sears Tower in Chicago were first proposed, the city authorities required the builders to also submit a demolition plan, as at some point these buildings would become decrepit and need to be replaced. And get this, the ONLY way that building engineers could conceive of, to efficiently demolish these immensely strong, steel framed skyscrapers, was to plant a large nuclear charge below their foundations which would basically send a massive shockwave upwards through the building, turning it into dust. The same kind of dust we saw mushrooming out of the Twin Towers a decade ago. This was not primarily concrete dust, as most people think, it was mostly steel dust, as only the floors of the tower were concrete, the majority of it was steel, along with other materials. Here are 2 more videos outlining the main points of the WTC nuclear demolition theory:

(The video above refers to micronukes which is a variation on Dimitri’s theory, but is not an adequate explanation according to him)

(This video is a condensation of Dimitri’s theory if you don’t have time to watch the full version, which I would recommend.)

(Update from Dimitri, November 18 2012)
So who did this, and why was it covered up, not thoroughly investigated, as air crashes generally are? According to Dimitri Khalezov, the masterminds were the same people meeting this week at the Bildeberger conference in Switzerland, a shadowy group of elitists who want world government, and who used similarly minded intelligence operatives from Israel and France to carry out the plot. Why would they do this? To justify an all-out assault on the Middle East oil countries, with the purpose of defeating the last remaining obstacles to world government. And that is what we have seen over the last decade, continuing to the present day with a war in Libya and revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria in the last year. As to why it was not investigated, these people are the elite, at the top of the pyramid if you like. They have the ability to inhibit or control investigation, up to a point. But they don’t yet control the internet.
Still not convinced? Think again about why you believe what you believe. Because you saw it on TV, which is controlled by powerful media corporations who may be influenced by the profit motive, or political motives, or both, or because it makes sense and is in line with the laws of science, or dare I say it, with what God is telling you in your spirit is true? Believe it – or not, as a man called Ripley used to say…
For more information on the nuclear demolition of the WTC, click here.
Here’s an interesting diagram found on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapons_testing

The diagram apparently represents four types of nuclear explosions conducted in various environments:
1) atmospheric; 2) underground; 3) exoatmospheric; 4) underwater.
Now why would they position a certain tall structure above an underground nuclear explosion (2)?

This is a classic diagram from the ‘70s. In those days nuclear explosions were not yet regarded as “evil” and were widely discussed. And it was not yet a big secret in those days – that underground nuclear explosions could be successfully used for demolishing skyscrapers…

This is a diagram of how it was done – one nuke detonated in a cavity prepared 30+ years before the event…

And finally here’s a report about the demolition of WTC 7 and the awareness of it 10 years on…

Update April 2011:
I just found this light-hearted 5-minute summary of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory…enjoy…

Update August 2013:

Dimitri has just produced the 4th edition of his “Third Truth” ebook – Download here.


I came home this afternoon from an early Mothers Day celebration where much food was consumed by all present at a local all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and as I was feeling much in need of a sleep, did so.
When I awoke, I felt prompted to put some of my thoughts into words. I haven’t written a poem for quite a while now, and felt that one was long overdue (my previous poems can be found here )
So here is the poem, entitled “Pearl”
Pearl of great price, and Treasure of worth,
I’ve known You were there since the day of my birth.
These ones who deny you, just what do they see,
In pearls of small value, treasures of earth?
When viewed from Eternity, life is so short,
Each birthday one closer to death, we are taught.
Yet seize on that Pearl, and know you won’t die,
Take hold of that Treasure, Who never will lie.
Start seeing Eternity now while you can,
And know that when death comes you’ll rise like the Man
Who died as we all do, and rose as we may,
Who stepped out before us to show us the way
To walk in His footsteps by faith in this Pearl,
Who paid the great price for each boy and each girl
Who ever was born then learns to believe,
And thus by rebirth, true life can receive.